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Thread: How did you learn HTML?

  1. Anyone know a free school tutorial online?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riccur View Post
    Anyone know a free school tutorial online?
    W3Schools Online Web Tutorials delivers the best information available on the net, you should check it out

    Don't forget to Google if you want to "learn about html"


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    I learned HTML back in 1998 through a tutorial by Joe Barta, now found in The guy's really candid and so I learned fast.

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    w3schools is best for learners. then you need to find out from lot of forums.

    All the best

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    Trial and error editing of source codes and then online tutorials.
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  6. I learned HTML one tag at a time. I think I learned <br> a year before I learned <p>.
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    I spent a couple of hours or so at

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    I'm also learning from W3Schools Online Web Tutorials and yes, one tag at a time as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles View Post
    I spent a couple of hours or so at
    Good old Tizag that's where I learned what I know of html.

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