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Thread: How did you learn HTML?

  1. I started messing with HTML in frontpage and on blogger older versions html templates codes .

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    the first few html code I learned was by myself playing around with frontpage back in 1999 when I didn't even know the word html or even what it was. I was just playing around with the Frontpage program doing some stuff but didn't know anything, all I knew was the definition of links, bold, italic -that's it (lol)

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    I learned it when I was very young. My bro is a webmaster and he used to work with HTML most of the time. I used to watch him (without asking questions) and learned a lot from him. And now I am more good at HTML than him :P.

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    I learn it mostly by trial and error, lot's of google search, and w3shools gives significant contribution.

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    I spent time at w3schools

    I still hear the piercing voice of Ms Jones in my head insisting that I put a space before the closing < for compliance reasons and a space before the forward slash in BR tags. But the punishment for getting it wrong was worth it.

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    I taught myself HTML, but I still don't know it 100%.

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    W3Schools and ofcourse by checking source codes etc. I'm not a professional on the html field though. But I can do most I want with it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    I learned HTML one tag at a time. I think I learned <br> a year before I learned <p>.
    Lol. You rocks!

    I learned html through Yahoo Geocities web builder (10 years ago), w3schools and lots of trial and errors. Learning Dreamweaver during my Diploma course helps a lot too.

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    learned HTML in about 2000...nothing to learn really...WYSIWYG programs will do most of it for you if need be

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