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Thread: How did you learn HTML?

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    I learned it in as a subject during my school days

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparckyz View Post
    learned HTML in about 2000...nothing to learn really...WYSIWYG programs will do most of it for you if need be
    IMO, HTML is better and easier to learn how to use than a WYSIWYG program. I learnt HTML 2(?) years ago. I've only just learnt how to use Dreamweaver in a Year 13 course (I'm Year 9) at school this year. It outputs some nasty stuff, and I actually find it harder to use than HTML itself.

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    i learned html through reading HTML books and the internet. Doing a trial and error through notepad

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    learned it by looking at the source codes from other sites

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    By reading books and Internet

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    A friend bought me a book on HTML2.0 and then I diddled on Geocities. I've now forgotten more then I can remember about it and what I do remember is pretty outdated ~ well, not really, as a basic page is still pretty much ...


    When it comes to div tags and additional formating is where I get lost...

    And I can't even begin to understand css.

    But I do know enough to maintain at least the basic I've added a few things to the vB templates and the like on my forum.

    There is soooo much more I should learn.
    My Homesteading blog is not worth reading
    My Magick site is not worth it's server space
    My Occult forum is likely something you'd not have an interest in
    My wife's Hedgewitch site is worth checking out though...

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    I would be careful about learning HTML by viewing the source code since it may be Non Standards Compliant

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    How did you learn HTML?

    Quote Originally Posted by Farrhad A View Post

    How did you learn HTML?

    I 'learnt' HTML by trial and error and a bit from W3Schools. I am still a noob (LOL) at HTML and am constantly learning.

    I also learn from then i cant do some designing work..because i don't do any live project. so without live project this is difficult to remember.

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    I learned originally looking at the "view source" option in Mosaic, and then Netscape 1. Seems like so long ago. Not much has changed....
    Jer - OWNER HostDrive.Com and

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