Most of us Netbuilders are here – I think – to learn and earn money on the internet. We probably all had our failures and successes. The community here is really great and generous, lots of information kindly shared by various members can be found. Having tried out a few projects myself, I recently changed my strategy into -hopefully- something better. I would like to share my thoughts and would love to hear your story too.

I started getting interest in the online business in 2006 and until 2008 was mostly reading and only doing some small efforts intermittently about domaining and developing sites. By late 2008, I joined Netbuilders and since then I've spent almost every day reading, learning and building a few sites, most of them never finished however.

Only after some developing efforts, I realized that some projects just didn't work for me. Probably because of a combination of a lack of knowledge and not enough interest about the subject. The solution was -and has always been- right there in front of my nose, but I didn't see it before. Successful people often say that it made them successful because they liked doing what they did. So I decided to cancel all my developing projects for the time being in order to start building on just one site about a subject I like and also have knowledge of. This strategy seems to have some advantages:

  • To have a solid basis of knowledge and experience on which I can continue building my site.
  • Shedding fruitless projects creates more time to learn and try out things about building and SEO. I have more time to do other things as well.
  • Writing articles is a lot easier and faster because because of knowledge about the subject.
  • I have valuable contacts in the industry I'm writing about.
  • I know which channels to access in order to stay updated and current.

The site I am building now is about a subject in the long tail of traveling. I'd like to stick around this neighborhood until the site is more stable and subsequently work my way upwards of the tail, there's a long way to go. I always liked long tail subjects and find it fascinating to learn about people's interest. It gives rookie developers like myself a place to start from while keeping all options open for further expanding.

How do you materialize your online ventures? What worked for you and what didn't?