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Thread: How To Get A Favicon Displaying In FireFox Tabs

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    How To Get A Favicon Displaying In FireFox Tabs

    I'm using the standard code of:

    <link rel="shortcut icon" href="" />
    But the favicon refuses to display in the FireFox tabs, even though it works in IE, and Chrome. I just get an outline of a 16x16 pixel square.

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    I always just toss the favicon.ico in the root without needing to add any page coding. I just double-checked FF with a couple of my sites and the favicons are working fine (as well as in Chrome and IE 8). Note that my sites are rather old and undoubtedly far more simplistic than yours, but just thought I'd mention it anyway.

    html - why won't favicon load in firefox? - Stack Overflow seems to have a few tips as well.
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    Are you sure that you actually have an image in the correct ICO image format? A lot of people incorrectly believe that you can take a GIF file and rename it to favicon.ico. You do need to to a file conversion for that to work properly across all browsers. Most image editors do not convert images to the ICO format. ICO is similar to GIF, but is not the same.

    I have always converted all the favicons I create using the following instructions and have never seen a problem.

    Creating a Favicon - Favorites Bookmark Image | Tech-Evangelist
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    I guess that the FF cache was the problem since after rebooting my PC the favicon was working ok in FF.

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