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Thread: how to handle DMCA notices

  1. how to handle DMCA notices

    Just wondering how everyone handles DMCA notices? In regards to both sending them and recieving them.

    Do you ever Legally fight back against DMCA notices or send DMCA notices?
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    A while back, some fool exactly duplicated my site and content.

    I got his contact information through a domain whois and sent him an e-mail instructing him to immediately remove the material. He refused to comply, and when I followed up with a phone call he hung up on me. I ended up serving a notification to his webhost and it was shortly thereafter disabled.

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    oh yeah I have a lot of experience in DMCA, I have sent many complains for few web hosts. Why would those who copy and leech others' work win? These people have no skills and are very lame. So fight back, fight for your rights and your works!

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    I handle them like most complaints, investigate, see for myself and then of course remove them if infringing. So far I never had to do the opposite of fighting back.

    Sending them wise, I've only done one recently.
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    Recently I got DMCA complaint for image taken from some travel site with instruction that I remove image and that I put given path to 404.

    They also send the copy to my host.

    Maybe 5 minutes later I complied with their terms, sent notification mail with my excuses
    also I sent copy of the email to my host...

    They thanked for cooperations and that was it.

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