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Thread: How to Keep Google PR?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparckyz View Post
    As far as im aware PR has very little effect on serps anymore, if it ever did.

    Its good for knowing if a site is of authority, but iirc google has its own internal algorithm thats different and much more uptodate. PR is useful, if you want backlinks or want to sell them, but even so it seems edu and gov sites are the all the rage now.

    Even heard some people mention on another forum that in the future google might be abondoning their PR anyways lol
    The PR in the toolbar is only a export or snapshot of your PR on any given day that's already out of date by the time it's exported.

    I doubt that Google will stop showing the PR in the near future. It is one of the greatest marketing gimmicks of all time.

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    It is not possible to maintain the value of PR, without going to build backlinks to your website. This is due to the fact that you can not manage the value of PR, which get backlinks in order to continue to build back from time to time, maybe get a bunch of high PR reversed once a week to increase the value of PR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MervikHaums View Post

    any tips to maintain the google PR that we've got on an update? What will happen if we do nothing to promote the site? Will the PR go down next time?


    In my own experiences, updating sites with original niche relative contents regularly plus increasing quality dofollow back links stably(especially from niche relative sources) would be 2 essential issue for having a higher PR purpose.

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