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Thread: how to make blog with different sections?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vectro View Post
    I'm sure if someone masters the taxonomy system in Drupal, it would be very powerful for them.
    The taxonomy system in Drupal is pretty easy. At first it's a little confusing but after playing around with it for 15 minutes the average person can figure it out. Wordpress uses taxonomy as well which is the tags and categories.

    The strength of drupal is the "out-of-the-box" robust navigation and site architecture. The great feature is that users can move blocks of the site. Where is wordpress, they would need to redesign the template.

    Both drupal and wordpress use php and a sql database. So they can do the same things. But the difference is that wordpress will require heavy modification.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by xxtoni View Post
    ... for example joomla offers only 3 levels if i am not mistaken.
    Section-category-article...thats the way it goes right ?
    Joomla's taxonomy system sucks like Pearl Harbor sucked.

    A good taxonomy system would:
    • Enable you to define an unlimited number of levels for containers.
    • Enable you to label each level.
    • Enable you to place each object in more than one container.
    • Enable you to place each container in more than one container.

    Joomla has three levels, no more and no less. Their labels are hard coded. Each object and each container must belong to a container and can only belong to one container. It's exactly what you would design if you had never seen software before.

    Wordpress used to be slightly worse, but I believe that it was fixed some time ago to allow an unlimited number of nested categories. That makes Wordpress's taxonomy system better than Joomla's.

    NetBuilder Tearabite has a fairly nice Drupal setup at GrownUpGeek.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    Joomla's taxonomy system sucks like Pearl Harbor sucked.
    The Joomla templates look great but the backend is garbage.

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