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Thread: How to rank a single blogpost

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    Just post quality of content and also creates quality of backlinks.

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    Other factors to think about are internal linking and how fast the page is buried from the homepage.

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    A problem with many blogs I think is that the best posts can get buried deep under mediocre posts.

    So they are not easily discovered by readers unless you link to them from the home page.

    For example: add a side-bar text widget with links to your best posts.

    Title the widget with: "Get started here", "New to the blog? Read these posts first:", or "Our epic posts:", etc.

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    There is a plugin called WordPress Most Popular that is supposed to display the posts visited most often in the sidebar. I use HTTP authentication for my admin areas and it doesn't work well with that. The login dialogue box kept popping up. However, theoretically it should keep driving people to the most popular posts.

    WordPress › WordPress Popular Posts WordPress Plugins
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    A single blog post usually ranks on Google. First, Before creating a blog post think what is your target? What can you provide? And What is their need? This is according to your target audience. Providing content for the people and not for search engine purpose is the best thing.

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