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Thread: I got popups on my site?

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    I got popups on my site?

    I've came across something that's very strange. Twice now I've went to log in to one of my sites and I got a popup and I shouldn't have any (I don't have any ads on the site). Both times I got the popup when I navagate away from the page "login or "link out".

    I've checked all my code and I can't find anything. I remember last year, when the was running some code that would do this very thing. I've removed some stuff today, but I'm not sure if its worked or not. As the popup has only came up twice so far.

    Anyone else using wordpress noticed this?

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    I randomly rarely get pop-ups i.e. an ad covering the whole page with a button on the top right corner saying 'Skip this Ad', i assume its by either Adbrite, Chitika or Bidvertiser which i use to advertise on my site.
    Can you specify a bit more as to what kind of pop-ups you get? Maybe a code from an old advert that hasn't been removed.

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    That's the strange part, I have never ran any ads on this site, ever. Nothing has been added... No new counter, no new script/code of any kind. The sites been up for almost 7 months. I spent a good 2 hours pouring over the code and I don't see anything that remotely looks like it would lead to the pop ups.

    As to what kind, well its a standard 1/4 page, one to a dating site the other to a video site. I'm also unsure on how long this has been going on, as I normally run AdBlock Plus but I've been flipping off and on due to not being able to see if I have a PM here at NB.

    I've dumped my cache and cookies to see if I could get it again, but nothing. Makes me wonder if it's not coming from one of my counters or something.

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    You are probably infected with Adware/Spyware software. I recommend installing Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and scanning your system. If that doesn't work, format c:.

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    Have some friends open up the site and see if they find the pop-up as well. Perhaps the popups are coming from your local pc.

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    SEO girl...

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    maybe your files are infected or someone hacked it

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