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Thread: Iframe is bad for SEO?

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    Iframe is bad for SEO?

    Hello there,

    If We are using 3-4 Iframes in a single page then its good or bad for Google SEO? I have no idea how Iframe does play a best role for SEO?
    Can any body help me in this matter?

  2. When you have an iframe, you're not really creating new pages of content. You're "framing" some other web page.

    Every page on your site should be unique--so you should not be "framing" some other page of content.
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    The content in an iframe is not content on your web page. Spiders can easily see that it is content on another site. If you look at the code on your page using View > Source, you will not see the content that appears in the iframe. You will only see the iframe code.

    If you are going to use iframes with content from other sites, you still need to add unique content to the pages in your site. Without that, there is nothing for spiders to work with.
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    Post Re:

    I think Iframes use is not good idea in terms of SEO because if you want search engine friendly website, you can use plain HTML or any other formats. Iframes still having a problem in indexing with search engine.

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    Don't ever use irframe on your website.I have seen and heard too that it not only give u bad impression plus google and other search engines flag such content and sites.
    Just an advise.

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    ]Iframe will make your website heavy and will take long time to load, and content within iframe will also not be readable for search engine, iframe still having a problem in indexing, so I don't think iframe is better.

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    So a few people need to learn about iframes and when they are used and why they are used and why they are great for blogs and sites, and why anyone who worries about seo and iframes should quit taking drugs.


    Okay, you embed videos on your blog or site?
    You are using in most cases an iframe (think youtube).
    Now it is true, search engines could care less about iframes.
    Why you should have content relating to the video...

    I have no problem with iframes on my blogs, I use them quite a bit because really, there are quite a few videos out there that people should view.
    And in most cases I add some content like a description, etc to that video.
    As in, check my blogs.

    Done right?
    Search engines will grab that content and bam!
    You are in the SERPs....
    And you may get traffic and yep, they will see the video.

    So, ignore videos, makes no difference to me.

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    You can easily use iframes and rank higher for the main terms than the sites you iframe if you have more links or your site is more established than the site you frame a page from.
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