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Thread: Improve ranks by resubmitting every month?

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    Improve ranks by resubmitting every month?

    Just wondering, i have been looking at a few SEO programs and websites and major search engines, and it seems a lot of them offer to resubmit your website to major search engine every month or every few months. Does this affect your ranking? if not why are SEO companies charge a fee for it and offer this service?
    I always though once you submitted your website its index on the website forever. please correct me if I’m wrong.

    I think resubmitting might make your website look like spamming.

    any thoughts?

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    Some SEO companies do this because they can charge a fee to naive site owners.

    You are right. It does absolutely nothing to resubmit a site. Search engines have considered resubmissions to be spam for many years.
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    Never any need to submit any site to any search engine.

    Even a new site.

  4. There really is no need to submit anymore, like people have mentioned. But, it does help to refresh/re-update your content on a regular basis.
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    How you can submit a site to a search engines!!! After making the site you just need to make few backlinks and generate some traffics then the site will be automatically crawled by search engines and u will get PRs. But for good PR you need to work a lot. As soon as ur sit is crawled by search engines that means it is got registered to that search engines.

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    I also Agree you will not need to resubmit your website to search engines if you your content is good and updated they will come back all on their own.

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  7. Yeah, there's really no need to "submit to search engines" anymore. But, you can send out/ping your RSS feeds, which may help.

    Adding fresh content on a regular basis, and adding the content to your RSS feeds(s) and then pinging those out can help, also.
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    Actually some websites and search engine delete data every or after three month . so resubmitting on search engine is not bad idea, but do not submit on Google and yahoo.

    SEO company get charges for it because they have source of that url for submitting your webiste on search engine. I can give you this url you can do your self.

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    Resubmitting to Search Engines will be treated as Spam. Many SEO companies fools their clients for submitting websites to search engines.

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    Post Re:

    It is a black hat technique, there is no need to resubmit your site every month. Generally, search engine don't like this type of activity and they can punish those sites who resubmitting.

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