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Thread: The lazy way to create content

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    The lazy way to create content

    I have been following this path for many months, maybe for over one year? I lost track of how much content that I published to my business FaceBook page.

    But only the home page shows up in search results, so it seems like a great idea to migrate all of my content to a blog on my own business domain.

    So I think that publishing to a free social media account is a nice way for the lazy publisher to build up some web content for minimal effort, but then, after having built substantial content, move it to a real website so that it can be indexed by search engines. Even though you published the posts in the past, you can still time-stamp the posts in the past.

    Of course, if you have built a social media following then this does not apply. But if like me, you posted to make a kind of diary of your thoughts, etc. then it makes sense to transfer your content from the invisible to the visible space.

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    Save time and steps.
    Just publish the content on your blog/site first.

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    I should have done that since it seems to be tricky to download the content from a business FB page.

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