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Thread: Lead Gen case study - Building Industry

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    Lead Gen case study - Building Industry

    With PPC and parking revenues declining, Lead Generation seems to be a trend amongst domainers/developers. I am working on a few different lead gen projects since recently. I haven't made a dime yet but as time progresses some interesting developments occur.

    This is about a particular domain that I handregistered early 2011. I created a mini site for it later that year and last week received the first request for a quote. The subject is a very common building product which also happens to be a Yellow Pages sub category.

    There's only 2 articles and a newsfeed automatically creating new posts. I use Wordpress with several plugins and a ready made theme. At the moment it's ranking first page 9th position of organic results. When the site was indexed initially, it was already on the second page. Except for 'on page' factors, I haven't done any significant SEO.

    By no means i'm an expert, I hope there will be something useful in the journal and that you can learn from my mistakes.


    - Domain format [product].com
    - Google exact match search volume for [product]: 590
    - [product] language: Dutch (my Mother tongue).
    - [product] with ccTLD is taken by a specialized company.

    - Wordpress site.
    - Theme: StudioPress Theme Demo
    - Plugins used:
    ---Akismet - to protect from comment and trackback spam
    ---Autoblogged -Automatically creates posts and builds fresh targeted content from feeds and other sources.
    ---Contact form 7 - It claims to be Simple and Flexible it says. It actually is.
    ---Google XML Sitemaps - Makes an XML sitemap automatically
    ---Page Tagger - Enables tagging for pages. Frankly, i'm not not sure if i need this.
    ---Stricly Auto Tags - Another fancy widget that i'm not sure about.
    ---Ultimate Google Analytics - To place GA code in it. I'm using other plugins for that on other sites.
    ---WP-Cycle -To create an image slideshow compatible with the theme.
    ---WP PHP Widget - Allows to include PHP/Text/HTML, JavaScript, Flash in content or in title of this widget. Very handy!


    - Google Analytics - All its features are probably overkill for a small site like this but, you never know.
    - Google Webmaster panel - Geo Target set for a small European country.
    - Traffic Travis - keeps track of rankings, backlinks, competitors etc.

    I will discuss some elements in individual posts as the project progresses.

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    Good luck. Have you approached any local merchants yet, or are you waiting for the leads first?

    I remember Chad from the blog was getting quite expert at local lead gen and made some posts on the topic. One of the tips, I think was to react very quickly from receiving an inquiry to passing the details onto the business, maybe by using pay per call. That way you get paid for the lead without too much hassle, otherwise you have to track the conversion via some kind of code e.g. the visitor's ip address printed on to a coupon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy101 View Post
    Good luck. Have you approached any local merchants yet, or are you waiting for the leads first?
    Yes, I have been in touch with a merchant who gave me a quotiation that i passed on to my 'customer' with a 'service fee' of 5% added. I'm waiting for his reply. I will let you know how that goes, even if it doesn't lead to an actual sale, there's something to learn. I will posts some updates soon..i'm just a bit busy at the moment

    Thanks for the tip about Chad!

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    Nice sharing,
    MAny thanks for this input, it seems to helpful.

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    I wonder if it would be more worthwhile to build-out the site with more content to 1) capture more longtail keywords to increase traffic volume and 2) build authority on the domain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bogart View Post
    I wonder if it would be more worthwhile to build-out the site with more content to 1) capture more longtail keywords to increase traffic volume and 2) build authority on the domain.
    I agree, there's still a lot to do. The Dutch language SEO landscape is a bit different from what we all know works in the English language. Article marketing for example can only be done on a very small scale, there are virtually no Dutch article sites. On the other hand, I have equal opportunities as my competitors.

    I almost got the equivalent of US$225 (€171) out of my first deal. However, the customer cancelled because after the quotation was sent, he only wanted the accesories worth €1000. I would take €50 as a commision but then the merchant cancelled because he only wanted to deliver the full product.

    Now I am focused on lead conversion. This site has several visitors every month looking for this product. I implemented a simple form on the front page with the following fields in order to keep things as simple and easy as possible for the customer:
    1:e-mail adress
    3:Attachment of building blueprints (optional).

    I am also trying to figure out what would be the best company background to publish. What would be the best 'about us'; make it clear that i'm just a middleman or publish details about a partner merchant. Perhaps I will have to do some AB testing.

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    A few sales a month would be a good revenue stream for a micro niche site. Though you are reliant on the vendor to close the deal and give good pricing. If you are able to get a few sales and pimp out the site, it may be a be more worthwhile to sell the site to the vendor at a nice profit. Even though, I like the idea of direct affiliation with businesses to monetize a website. What you learn in this project woll give you the knowledge to jump-off on something bigger.

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    Finding a domain name

    Important: The method described in this thread may not work for certain geograpical areas. My guess is that all Yellow Pages categories have been registered in the most popular extensions of domain names, especially in the English language.

    Here is how you can find a decent domain:

    1. Get the list of your local Yellow Pages categories, this can be found online. Edit the list and remove clutter.

    2. Go to and select 'Bulk Search'. Here, you can enter 500 keywords at a time, keywords will automatically merge when there's a space between them.. When done, copy paste the available domains in a new list.
    3. Alternative of Step 2.: Nowadays I'm using Domain Name Analyzer Pro for this. So after step 1. remove spaces and copy paste the entire list in DNA. Saves a huge amount of time so you can have a cup of coffee when it's checking name availability. The coolest feature is that it can check other domain extensions as well! I don't know the limit on amount of domain names to check but i've checked thousands in one session.
    Personally,for a project like this I prefer the following extensions:
    ccTLD In the country where I am, internet users prefer this and the .com
    in rare cases .net or .org

    4. Take the keywords from the available domains and enter these in a keyword tool like Google's External Keywords Tool to check exact search volumes in the geographical area you are targeting.

    Now, you will have to consider which name to register and develop. In my opinion it's impossible to mention a fixed number of exact match searches. For example, recently I registered an exact match domain with only 170 searches monthly about a products worth thousands of dollars. A converting lead in this industry can generate xxx to xxxx if done well. The project i'm working on as described in my initial post has 590 exact searches.

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    I've made some money on an Affiliate domain with a few 2k commissions. I just made a sale last week where I should make a 5 figure commission. The funny thing is that this domain only has 260 local monthly searches. But I don't have this pimped out or even promote it. So, I will definitely be checking this thread for updates as I'm planning to make-over the site.

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    A small update.

    The site I'm working on is about foundation piles. A few days ago the site received another inquiry for the delivery of piles for the foundation of a large pigpen.
    I contacted the guys I talked to in post#3 but they received the lead from the customer directly. Then I reached out to some smaller firms but I didn't receive any reply. Bummer!

    It seems the biggest challenge is to find a smaller firm that doesn't receive a lot of online inquiries yet, is willing to partner and can offer competitive pricing. Next time I will go much deeper in the search results and probably consult the Yellow Pages as well.


    Interesting post by Michael Berkens today. I'm not sure what -if true- the effects will be (positive/negative) on local search, definitely something to watch.
    If Gus is Right Domain Names Maybe In Big Trouble As Google Moves To Location Based Search Results | The Domains

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