I having an issue limiting the number of adsense ads in taxonomy menus on my drupal site using the adsense Injector module. I found this quick solution on the drupal.org site. Just replace lines 45-46 with the this code:

if (!$GLOBALS['adsense_injector_inline_count']) {
  $GLOBALS['adsense_injector_inline_count'] = 0;
if ($GLOBALS['adsense_injector_inline_count'] < 2) {
  $template = _adsense_process_tags(variable_get('adsense_injector_list_view_template', '%teaser<br class="clear"/>[adsense:728x90:0123456789]'));
  $node->teaser = strtr($template, array('%teaser' => $node->teaser));
Web reference: Limit adsense ads in teaser list | drupal.org