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    Link Cloaking

    what's Link Cloaking and Why is it so Important?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ankitva View Post
    what's Link Cloaking and Why is it so Important?
    Link Cloaking is basically when you show search engine bots one thing and humans another. Its generally regarded as Black Hat SEO to link cloak. The reason people link cloak is because they believe the search engines have fingerprinted affiliate links and if the bots see them it will hurt there organic SEO rankings and if they are doing Pay Per Click marketing that it will hurt there quality score and thus raising there prices per click.

    <a href=""  onmouseover=" window.status=''; return true" onmouseout="window.status=''; return true">eHarmony</a>
    Read the whole thing here : Guide to Link Cloaking, Masking, and Url Redirection - ShoeMoney&#174;

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