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Thread: Is this link DoFollow or NoFollow ??

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Andy101 View Post
    Links can be made nofollow via the robots.txt file.

    So view that file in your browser on the site where the link is placed i.e.

    If you see something like:

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /habaku
    In this case, any URLs starting with habaku will be nofollow

    And if you are expecting PR juice to flow to your site, remember that it is diluted by the total links on the page.

    Even nofollow links reduce the PR juice of a page. This is a fairly recent thing as I recall.

    And then there could be an automatic block in place in the search engine algorithm for the flow of PR from some sites to others.
    Didnt know about this one,good to know about this.

  2. ofcourse dofollow, there is a firefox plugin i do not know the name, i guess that is seo quake which let u know which link on page is dofollow or nofollow.

    hope it help u alot.

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    I think better to close this thread
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by jakki View Post
    I think better to close this thread
    agreed its just spam now,and a way to get posts...

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    Quote Originally Posted by xxtoni View Post
    agreed its just spam now,and a way to get posts...
    As by your requests this thread is being closed.

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