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Thread: Making Thin Content Fat

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    Making Thin Content Fat

    If your website or blog resembles a Twitter feed, it may be worth considering beefing up the page content.

    Some ideas spring to mind:

    Adding a chunk of relevant text above the footer. This is likely to be fixed content in a sidebar widget in Wordpress that appears on every page of the site.

    When you create a new page e.g. a news snippet about a new car, you have a template with blanks to fill in with related information e.g.

    Recent news for the car manufacturer.
    Specs for the engine etc.
    Related news snippets.
    Celebs that own this make of car.
    A rating system for price, desirability, was the new model an improvement on the old one etc.

    Community comments on each post.

    We can probably get good ideas from sites that are staffed by journalists where they have the skill to pad out news stories into authoritative content.
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