I am at a point where I have a few content websites set up (i.e. more articles = more traffic from google = more $) and I also have a blog.

Ideally, I would like to be writing 2 pieces of content per day but am always struggling to do this (however have had uni work and assignments recently so that is a genuine excuse). In the next week or two when I am ontop of my uni work I would like to once again try to get into a good routine with content writing.

Does anyone have any suggestions or words of advice regarding motivation and on how to keep adding content?

One way that I would like to try out is to get a kitchen timer and write "FOCUS" on it. Set it to 1 hour, remove all distractions and well...... focus until the timer goes off. Two of these sessions per day is what I am aiming for.

Another method that I have tried previously is software called 'Darkroom' (can be downloaded here: Dark Room - Free software downloads and reviews - CNET Download.com). I used it for about a week but found it annoying because I had to convert my research from .docx to .txt's. And to be honest my spelling is not 100% either (no spell check). I was back to using MS word within a week but some of you may have different results.

Hope I have helped some of you and I hope you can do the same for me