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Thread: Niche Site Formula

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    Niche Site Formula

    In this thread I will walk you through a step by step process to build a website that should rank well on search engines so that you have no more excuses to not have a money site in your portfolio.

    What you will do is make a new website that is focused on a topic that you are able to write about from your own experience, and I will guide you with my own site build as an example.

    So are you ready? Are you up for it?

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    Go for it, big guy!
    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." -- Benjamin Franklin

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    Thx Andy!

    Everyone will be able to learn from your experience, so go for it!

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    OK, this should be fun

    So here is my keyword and the search results that are competing:

    Yikes, I am competing with Home Depot, ebay, and Amazon already, I'm pooing in my pants already!

    In my next post I will teach how to develop your own keyword.

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    I'll be watching.

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    Here's a quick update, I won't post the URL to my site, but it's easy to guess. That would provide SEO juice to it from this forum which would skew the link-building results.

    The "formula" that I came up with is to look around your home for equipment, products, basically anything that can be associated with products that other people buy e.g. a sports watch. Then take photos of it, and write about all the features and your tips on using it, personal experience etc.

    This gives you the ability to quickly create a substantial page of unique content that other people in the market for this product should find interesting.

    But before creating the content, do your keyword research. In my case, I used the Google keyword tool. Using this tool you can get a set of related keywords to your main keyword that you can cut and paste to a spreadsheet.

    Now you want to reduce this list of keywords from 100 to a handful e.g. 10

    Pick one of these for your target domain name. This will entail searching for an available domain containing the words, so is likely to be tricky. If you can find an available domain ending in .com, .net, or .org that contains your keywords without dashes and numbers, you should be fine e.g.

    This keyword will be used for the title tag, H1 heading, footer link text, alt tag of an image, name of an image file, highlighted text in your first, and last paragraph of your home page. So that the search engine will be in no doubt as to what keyword your site is most relevant for. You should also integrate this keyword into your description meta-tag.

    For the other keywords in your list, use them in H2 tags, names of images, alt tags of images, and highlighted text (b, strong, em, and i tags).

    So using the above guidelines, write as much as you know about your product using blocks of text starting with an H2 heading and the emphasized keyword in the starting sentence, and the photo. So you end up with a really informative home page, full of your keywords, and a ton of unique content.

    Now preview your page to make sure it looks good, spell checks OK, with short paragraphs, the layout is good, and the code verifies OK at The W3C Markup Validation Service

    Once this is done, go ahead and publish your page to the web.

    Next, we want to build links to the site to get it ranked.

    My efficient/powerful way to do this is to:
    • Write a 300+ word article on any topic (ideally it is a related topic, but not required)
    • Spin the article to >30% uniqueness using The Best Spinner
    • Create resource boxes for all of your keywords
    • Submit the article to the Unique Article Wizard

    Once your article is approved, it gets dripped out to 100's of websites to produce back links to your page with the keywords in the resource box providing link juice to get your site ranked for your keywords.

    This is the stage where I am at now with my web page. I also, added monetization in the form of Adsense units and eBay product listings in the sidebar. Also, you need to add a privacy policy / affiliate disclaimer page.

    Now I am planning to add a blog so that I can update the inner pages with new content such as product reviews, tips, and news.

    So, even though I skimmed through this formula, I hope you get the idea behind it and I look forward to posting progress updates and answering questions

    Now I added a blog. I am optimizing the blog for the plural of my keyword. Also, the blog will allow me to post regular reviews of products, produce pings of new posts, participate in blog-related SEO, and build up the content of the site.

    Now the home page is complete with content, and monetization.

    There are no links to the site yet, I'm still waiting for my UAW article to be approved and entered into their system.

    Article Marketing Kicking In

    OK it's 10/1/2012 and my UAW article was approved and started to be submitted to sites according to my schedule of xx sites per day. I checked out some of the sites, and some are no-follow, others are do-follow, and some were 404 pages. Let's see how this pans out ...
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    I just did a G search and my site is now at #8 for my keyword on page 1 of the serps - not satisfied until I get to #1 though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy101 View Post
    I just did a G search and my site is now at #8 for my keyword on page 1 of the serps - not satisfied until I get to #1 though
    How many monthly searches does the keyword have?

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    How many monthly searches does the keyword have?
    1000 for the main kw, but I am targeting multiple keywords, hoping to catch long tails.

    There are 90,500 monthly searches for "kerosene heater". And 1000+ for multiple long tails.

    Update: now #1 on G for the main keyword
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    Guys, using the formula that I outlined in my earlier posts, I have achieved my objective. I was a little nervous to post about this formula before the results were in, and in hindsight I could have called the thread something else that didn't sound like an e-book title.

    However, it works well, and for those of us that can't be bothered with social-media marketing, and submitting individual articles to ezine etc. Here is your solution, although it costs more money, but doesn't waste your time (life minutes).

    In fact, this method is almost too powerful, my campaign was just starting as my site got to #1 for the main keyword, so you could build in URLs and keywords in your resource boxes to point to your other sites. But this will take some experience as to how to balance the ratios.

    The ROI (Return On Investment) is unknown at this stage, the domain cost just under $10, and the other costs are shared amongst all of your other sites that may be using the same tools/resources.

    The unlimited article submissions are $67 a month, the best spinner is $77 a year, and reseller hosting is around $25 a month (all these prices are subject to my memory at the time of writing).

    But this is a minimum online business investment scenario I think (you are very likely to spend more on courses, and other tools), but it gives you an idea for a possible budget.
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