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Thread: off-pages seo

  1. The process of boosting your site's ranking on certain phrase of words (i.e keywords) by building backlinks is know an off-page seo.

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    It is also a side effect of publishing content elsewhere with a link to your site.
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    Forum posting and Guest blog post are best off page activities.

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    No doubt forum posting and blog commenting, directory submission etc all are off page activities.

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    Social networking or social media marketing is the best way of off page optimization. Google also recommend for social media optimization. It has already said that discuss about site, products and services at social networking sites. If your site is good enough other webmasters shall start giving link to your website pages and posts.

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    Another cut-and-paste post from riveral. Please do not copy comments from other forums and post them here. We want to hear your opinion, not opinions that you borrowed from someone else.
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    Honestly, I still confuse about this backlinking thing... If irrelevant backlinks are bad for our website(s) then, it can be used to ruin our competitor's, can't it? I mean everyone is talking about building high quality backlinks in terms of high PR and relevant topics, but the thing is in fact, we are not really 100% in control on this matter, if someone intentionally create lots and lots of "bad" backlinks (those which come from gambling, porn, etc) to your website then it means, our website will be penalized by google? Let's do it to our competitors then... Please CMIIW...

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    Link building techniques is effective in using different platforms that provide signals for the main website and increase popularity.

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