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Thread: off-pages seo

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    off-pages seo

    what is the best off-pages seo?

  2. When you refer to off-page SEO, you typically refer to link building--finding quality backlinks from other web sites that are on-topic to your site and asking them to link to your site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jennifer1234 View Post
    what is the best off-pages seo?
    I would say: It is the off page activity which drives traffic to your site and HOPEFULLY helps you with your rankings as well.
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  4. There are any two SEO method, off pages and on pages. About off pages for SEO is one SEO method that use some media to build SEO, such as link building, link exchange, use social media, and another outlink building to increase your SEO rank.

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    Building one way links for your site is considered as off page SEO.

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    OFF-Page optimization is a effective thing in SEO, which gives more traffic and increase our targeted keyword position and Backlinks. In this, there are some tactics useful like:
    Directory submissions, Social bookmarking submissions, article submissions, forum posting, blog commenting, classifieds submissions etc..etc...

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    Off page SEO is second step in SEO. It means link building, generating a quality one way backlink for your website on important keywords from other relevant websites which are having a good quality. If your off page is strong then you can get a good traffic and good ranking on SERP's.

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    Hi Janethom, maybe u considered question is not right?, mainly the post talks about only Off-Page Not On-page optimization..And Now Everybody knows about ON-page..don't bother on that.

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    Off page SEO is an important component. It includes link building and creating back links for your website. Basically it is the internet marketing. You promote your website and make its presence felt on internet through directory, classified, article submissions. It also includes bookmarks and blogging. On page SEO is an essential task to get high page rankings on search engines.

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    Off page SEO or search engine optimisation is doing things off site to improve your sites search engine rankings. The only thing you can do off site to incraese your rankings is build up more links.

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