Hello NB fellows,

I have aquired a site which is cut out for showing Amazon affiliate products. Yet, I have read on some threads here that the Penguin update targeted / damaged some Amazon affilate sites. If I am not mistaken even Top Dogger was affected.

Before adding products to my site Tart Cherry Juice I would like to ask you if the following is safe these days: Write a unique, lengthy description about each product, and include an uncloacked Amazon affiliate link.

I am looking forward to hearing from you regarding the above question. Should there be anything else please let me know, too. The site is new in my portfolio, and I intend to make some changes regarding the navigation for example.

Again, I am grateful for anything that I might have missed, but in particular I am looking for your thoughts regarding the Penguin update which seems to have also affected Amazon affiliate sites.

Thanks a lot!