I do not see why some people like to make trouble for others, at least not for members trying to do their best online and trying to help others as much as possible (which I actually consider myself too). I usually just ignore this kind of behaviour and if I see something wrong by a person that does good stuff for others I won't go into action -- if it's just a spammer though I'll make a note about it and even go into reporting the post.

Why I post this thread is because of the following reply of Mia in a thread on DigitalPoint. I actually wanted to help out the user because he was looking for a WordPress hosting solution. As I know posting offers on DP isn't allowed I just posted a link, but also posted a line that there are many other hosting companies to choose of (actually a Google search would've helped that guy and saved him some time for making the thread).

Unfortunately Mia did not like the way I tried to help that user and had to quote my post, change the links and even re-write the links to what I call stupid stuff. Here is the quoted version of the post:
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Exactly. WordPress doesn't require too many resources, it will even work on a small hosting plan. We from InfinitumDingleberryHost host various WordPress blogs on our shared hosting plans, here is a blog from a friend of mine who is hosted with us: http://hypotheekdork.nl

Ofcourse you can also check out other hosting companies, all small plans will do fine for a simple blog
Nice self promo/plug. Digital Point Forums FAQ
I don't know what his problem is, neither do I know why I'm called a moron. Anyways I also saw his avatar got changed to instead a link of Menj with 'We make the web' to 'We make porn'. I know a few of the NetBuilders do not like Menj, but we're actually all here to make money and have pleasure right?

So ok now, I see what Mia is up to and won't waste any more time about him/her. Just wanted to know if there are other people here on NB having the same kind of attitude? What do you think about stuff like this (I know Mia isn't the only one).

Let's share some stuff. Ow yes ofcourse, all the text Mia wrote is copyrighted to him/her before I'd get sued

- Aquarezz