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    Smile Portfolio Template

    Guys, I'm looking for a portfolio template, to add graphics and such to. do you know of any good free ones? I could even be persuaded to part with some cash on a premium template. Provided its good enough!

    Just looking for some tips, I'm currently raiding Google to see what I can find.

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    How are you planning to have the portfolio coded? Plain HTML, Wordpress, some other CMS?

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    Plain HTML or Wordpress, sorry I should have said

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    No problem. My advice to you would be take a good look at your portfolio in terms of what sets it apart, what design elements you tend to work with most often and that give your designs a unique personality, then design your own template around that. You could use somebody else's design but will it really make you happy?

    How comfortable are you working in HTML? If you can come up with a layout you like, then we could email each other about where your slice marks need to go, and I could code it up for you. I've done Wordpress in the past but I'd prefer to avoid it, however I could do the XHTML template and then either I or somebody else could put a WP theme together for you.

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    Ok I've decided on a portfolio wp template. At the moment I'm just looking for something clean to add content to. I can worry about adapting the design later on. So if you guys know of any portfolio templates or have any experience working with them, let me know.

    Templates like tickle my fancy

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated

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