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Thread: Quality Content In Quick Turnaround

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    Quality Content In Quick Turnaround

    The op-ed school of thought for content writing. The writer doesn't necessarily need to know about a particular topic. But he needs to relate to a certain attribute of the subject matter. The writer's originality comes from divulging into his experience, imagination and creativity, with a certain sense of inciting voyeurism.

    Please share your suggestions on writing quality content.

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    ya u r quite true but i think the writer should know wat about he is writing he he should be smart enough to feel the content before wrirting so that the writeup should be apperciable by other...........

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    ...or just read wiki for 10mins and summarize

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    Yeah well Wiki does help. But then you will remain a Wiki slave for ever! I recently wrote about Lexus cars, GMAT Test papers, Rap artist bios and even something about Italian wine. So I channeled my mind in each category, approaching it with a personal embrace and using my imagination to relate to it. Of course you need references but then the rest comes syncing your heart and mind

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    I sometimes think i am a wiki-slave, but it is good for a general overview of a topic

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    There is no denying that Wiki has made an impact. It is quite a giant squid of the content world. One cannot simply imagine referencing without it. But I still feel that Wiki should only be used for fact checking, the rest all comes from within. Having opinions is a good think. It shows you have a mind and you are not afraid to use it. Fact based opinions do attract positive responses and better user experience as it has an interactive element to it.

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