Hey guy, i would like to ask, i wanted target specific country traffic, what will be best solution ?
My main site is English with some how related keyword domain (long tail).

My option A :
Buy Country domain with Country Hosting and local language.
If i choose 10 language, means i will have ten website n ten hosting (country base hosting).
All site will translate from English to local language via Script (i know it ain't that good, but i selling product, so shouldn't be that much different).

Advantages :
I can have Keyword Rich Domain in that country.
I can inter link all site together. (btw would this hurt Google SEO ? )

Option B :
Create a dot com site with all other language, under one roof.
but i worry on Google, will google treat my site as spam ?

Using this method i might lose country targeted traffic but i should save some cost n link building would be much easier ...

Pls i need you guy input