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Thread: Reading my pie Chart and Seo

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    Reading my pie Chart and Seo


    I found this site that is suppose to give helpful info about your site. However I don't understand what it is saying about my sites

    It says this

    Keyword weight indicates significance of the keyword mentioned in a page. There are a lot of factors that affect the keyword weight. Search engines take into account the presence of the keyword in the title and tags, calculates the percentage of the keyword in the text of the page, evaluates bold and italic tags, etc.

    When evaluating keyword weight, we also consider website internal factors: the presence of the keyword in meta tags (Description and Keywords tags) and in H1, H2 and H3 Heading tags. We analyze document structure, used technologies and Internal linking.
    Here is the pie chart of my Halloween site. I used all these words. So I understand kinda what it means???? Not really

    This however is the chart on my celebrity site. I made a few post on wp themes when I was making free themes What is KLM? Why would this be helping a celebrity site?

    Lost again.

    Would someone please explain these charts to me?

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