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Thread: Remember to Update Your (c) Copyright notices!

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    Remember to Update Your (c) Copyright notices!

    It's 2009, remember to update the (c) Copyright notices on your web sites.

    One tip: Use the HTML code © to create the copyright symbol.

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    Thanks Tom! You are such a helpful guy! I've been forgetting to do this every year since 1997. I guess it's time to automate it, eh?

    Diet Fads

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    You could do that pretty easily with PHP.

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    Thanks again. Not a bad idea!

    Diet Fads

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Tom View Post
    You could do that pretty easily with PHP.
    Here's the code.
    <?php echo date('Y'); ?>
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    I updated all of them already
    Thanks though for telling


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    I knew I forgot to do something. Now I'm happy, that I don't have hundreds of websites. Only 10. But I think I'm still going to automate the proces. I'm so lazy.

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    Why is that important. I dont hold any year of copyright on my sites?

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    I did that on December 31st, I remeber, there was like 4 hours till midnight. i was bored, so I did it.

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    Update your © 2009

    I prefer to use the symbol.

    You can type it with your keyboard.

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