This is a bit tongue in cheek, but what do you consider to be a minimum requirement for websites that you created to call yourself a webmaster?

I'll kick it off with my idea for a set of minimum requirements:

  • a free hosted home page with some clip art and animations on the page
  • a blog - ideally it is still alive, but a dead blog counts as well
  • a forum - it's a no-brainer, all of us need to build a forum if only to get used to the admin
  • a squidoo lens
  • a PPC landing page - you have to have paid for traffic to land on a page - even if it got banned
  • you must have at least one site monetized with Adsense even if it makes no money
  • you must have advertised at least one ClickBank product
  • at least one of your sites has a custom favicon and logo - no matter how badly designed it is

I could go on, but I look forward to your suggestions of minimum requirements for a webmaster badge of honor