Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone had any experience or knowledge in SEO for mobile sites.

The site I'm working on is http://www.proxysites.net/ and http://m.proxysites.net/.

I had a few questions. When you goto http://www.google.com/m and search for your site, would you expect to have the mobile version returned for the google.com/m (mobile) search? Is this something that will happen naturally with Google?

Should I be concerned of any duplicate content penalties between these two sites? The static text on them is different, but the proxies listed is identical between the two versions of the site.

Would a link to the mobile site from the home page be recommended? Right now I use mobile browser detection to automatically forward visitors to the mobile site if they're using a mobile browser. I'm thinking a link may be useful for SEO purposes - in order to pass some link juice to the mobile site.

In regards to a mobile sitemap outlined here: Adding mobile URL information to a Sitemap - Webmaster Tools Help would you use the same webmaster tools for www.domain.com, or create another "website" for m.domain.com? I would assume the later.

I've done a little Google'ing, but haven't found any answers to the questions above.