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Thread: Seo Questions Regarding Domain Name Selection

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    Question Seo Questions Regarding Domain Name Selection

    Hey Guys,
    I have a doubt which i can't get cleared. Any help would be appreciated.
    Here are My Question :

    I have targeted a keyword, say 'egg chicken dog' (its an example )
    1)What would be the finest choice of the domain considering all are available for registration.
    => I believe would be the best, right?
    Ok, now will & have the same value considering SEO??

    2) Where would stand compared to in an SEO perspective?
    Small difference or Big difference and is it worth considering, how do search engines interpret the difference in these two?

    If is unavailable alongwith the .net and .org extensions,
    would it be more wise to register or

    4) A question to Hellas :
    For the oes tsetnos contest you registered, if was available, would you have registered it?

    5) Is an addition of a 's'(plural) considered better than an addition of any other character in the end of the domain name when the exact match is not available?
    i.e. is better than OR is better than considering the keyword being sulumits retsambew.

    6) .info domains do rank poorly, don't they? And i believe due to them ranking poorly, we can agree that Google does consider domain extensions as a priority while ranking?

    Thanks in Advance to all who answer any of my questions
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