Search Engine Optimization is a technique of webmasters to achieve better results in search engines, which in turn should result in an increased reader base. But what many webmasters do not realize is that Search Engines are doing what they do in order to make their End Users happier. So if the SE’s are doing what they can for the end user, then why are we doing things for the SE?

Would it make more sense for us to also focus on the end user?

Who is the end user anyway? It’s certainly NOT the SE! It’s also certainly not the webmaster (unless you are running a webmaster site, lol). So who is it?

It’s your mom! Seriously! Its your neighbor! It’s the kids when they get home from school, and the house wife before their kids get home from school. It’s the dead beat dads that would rather browse the net rather then pay their child support, and it’s the great fathers that work for a living. So why are we focusing our attention on Search Engines?

The Search engines are doing all they can to counter everything we do to get better results… they are trying to make things as organic as possible… but how many of us are actually doing our part to make things organic ourselves?

If we all started to change our focus, that would make Googles job easier! It would also place our sites closer to the top if that is where they need to be.

“Well, no one else is doing it.” you say… well, the search engines are! Every time they change their algorithms its to do just that, well… not every time. Many times the changes they make is to counter what we are doing to skew their organic results.

We are working AGAINST the machine, rather then working with it!

So why are we doing Search Engine Optimization rather then End User Optimization?