Sorry, it wasn't possible to add all the info in the title

Anyways, I just wanted to know your thoughts on the following matter to help me decide something.

What do you think about using an aged domain, with aged backlinks, listing in established and powerful directories for targeting different niches instead of setting up a new site for each niche. Let's say I build a page/or a page for the niche/keyword I want to target and then I work on building links for this page. Same is done for different niches/keywords I want to target.

I'll definitely miss the advantage of having keywords in the domain. But, there will be quallity related links pointing to pages and overall, the site should look good to SEs.

Assume same amount of work is being done (content, links, promotion) no matter whether a new site is setup for each niche or the same domain is being used for targeting different niches.

So what do you guys think about this...........!!