Whether you are building a new site or working on improving the search rankings of a current site, you need to make sure that you get the basics of SEO completed. There are many so called experts in search engine optimization, but a handful of them simply use automated programs to build backlinks and submit articles. I am not saying link building and article submissions don’t work, but I am pointing out that there is a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it. Getting it done the right way will yield far more superior results for any type of website.

Right off the bat, you need to open up your website files and look at everything you’ve included in the head section of the code. This applies to titles, keywords, descriptions, robot instructions, index instructions and such. By fixing these minor issues, you can easily be able to boost your website’s search engine presence. The basics of search engine optimization lies in the on-site tweaks that you can make. Use keyword tools to find some of the relevant keywords you can target for each page on your website. Descriptions should be under one hundred and sixty characters and should be rich in keywords.

The content on your website plays a huge role in the overall SERPs your website experiences. If you want to be able to rank well for a specific keyword, make sure that your content is optimized accordingly. This does not entitle you to stuff keywords several dozen times. The adequate keyword density for any piece of article is about three percent. So, three words per one hundred words would be sufficient. A good rule of thumb when writing content is; try to use the keyword in the first sentence of your article. Avoid repeating yourself in the article and make sure it is something you would consider valuable.

Now that you’ve completed the on-site optimization, you can move onto the off-site portion of SEO. Off-site SEO optimization is simply everything that you do to boost your rankings, without altering anything on your site. This includes article submissions, link submissions, guest blogging and inter-linking between sites. In order to build quality backlinks, you need to understand that search engines like Google, use relevance as a key factor. Your backlinks should be related to your niche, as you can’t have a auto related link pointing to your baby crib site.

Being able to build quality backlinks to your site requires a certain level of experience and research. You need to see what other sites in your niche are doing to build links. You can certainly be building links from link directories and article sites, but don’t focus on getting links from irrelevant niche sites. When building links from article sites, you need to remember to use quality unique content rather than articles that have been automatically spun. The things we talked about in this article should be enough to get you started in the right path for better search engine rankings.