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    Site Building Tips

    I spent the last few months creating some software products so that I can market them at the top of the food chain, but now I am turning my attention to building/improving my websites.

    So this thread could be a platform for sharing tips on this topic.

    The first thing that I am doing is working my way through my domain names and looking to build or improve the websites on these domains.

    Some of them are a few years old which is no bad thing. Probably, you have some old, unloved domains in your portfolio too?

    So it makes sense to put some content up on these domains right? And prioritize them in terms of money-making potential.

    Also, we have our neglected sites that could do with a make-over. How easy is it to add some more pages of content, build a few more links to it etc.

    For content, I am now forcing myself to write at least 400 words, in fact, up to 1000 would be great. And the content is divided into easy-to-read paragraphs.

    For the legal pages, I don't live in the USA so the rules are not so strict, so I am putting my privacy policy, affiliate disclaimer etc. into one page linked to from the footer of the home page. I don't want to have lots of legal garbage links on every page of my site. So for people that want to read this mumbo jumbo, the link is there, but for SEO, it is taking a back seat.

    Any sites that currently make money must be worth scaling up, so more content should be added to them. As enticing as it is to build new sites, the ones that are making money should be expanded.

    Sites that have traffic but no monetization should be monetized with affiliate Ads at least. And the links are tagged with rel=nofollow

    Create a spun article that links to a bunch of my sites in rotation with a variety of keywords. Submit this to a blog network. Spend a few hours each month doing this activity.

    Regularly comment on high traffic blogs to get visitors to your sites.

    Basically, build on what you already have, and don't let it die.

    Please share your tips ...

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    You have mentioned some good tips about adding to the values of websites, mainly through content writing, which I also believe has become more significant. Thousands of webmasters are today focusing on building more links for their websites but they have forgotten one essential fact and that is, at the end of the day, human visitors will be visiting their sites and they would like to find some quality stuff to review and study.

    About the number of words inside each page or article, that actually depends on the subject you are talking about. Maybe even 250 words is enough if you manage to write pretty well and pick the accurate grammatical and structural units. Using a few directory links might also be nice, especially the ones that come from authority directories, high PR portals that thoroughly cover the niche in which your website is active.

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    250 words may be regarded as thin-content and the Panda algorithm may not like it. Unless it's for a low competition long-tail keyword or a zero-competition keyword, I wouldn't bother publishing such a short page.

    Like today, I was thinking about creating a new page about a sports betting technique, but realized that I would struggle to write more than a couple of paragraphs about it, even after a few hours of research, and it is a competitive keyword, so I didn't bother. On the other hand, I came up with a topic that I know a lot about and found it easy and quick to write 900 words on the subject. I also used a long-tail keyword so it should stand a good chance to rank well.

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