Seeing as this is my 1st post, I am starting off with a little bang bang. Not sure if anyone has shared this here before or not. I looked and didn't see it anywhere.

BumbleSoft Free Yahoo Answers Plugin for Wordpress

Basically, it is an auto-blog plugin for wordpress and a very nice one. Totally free even though I don't htink it should be . Better than a lot of $100 plugins out there. Wp Robot does the same thing but costs over $150, other's I've seen a little cheaper but not very good IMHO. This one is good and cheap. Well, cheaper than cheap, it's free

K, you got the plugin. Now what you do is install Wordpress, put in a nice free theme to make it look all pro like, then add in a couple good SEO plugins if you ever want your pages to rank (go to mashable and search for 'best seo plugins'). Not much more to that part. The SEO plugins combined with auto content are like PB & J - the perfect match madei in heaven..

Then, install wp-ya grabber, set it up to auto post content to your blog over time, like about 10 new posts per day using cron. If you don't know how to use cron, no biggie just post a bunch of new content once every week or so until you have a nice big pile of niched content.

Then, try to get a few backlinks to your new blog to help with indexing and rankings and to help keep pages out of the supplemental index, specially if you post a lot of page all at once.

Finallly a few smartly placed ads (adsense, CPA offers, Affiliate offers) OR your own product offers (even better) and you're off to the races.

Don't forget an exit popup with a fee offer to capture some emails for long term. These sites rank good when done right. Nothing like automated free traffic

Hope it helps, ya'll - done me fine so far! Extra $400-600 every month my bank and I don't even break a sweat