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Thread: Suggest me best Arcade Script...

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    Most of the paid scripts will have a scripting feature built in for you to pull the moci games...a lot of the higher-tiered webmasters find they don't like the quality of mochi though from my experience...I always found my best games from the big dogs (PR 4 and Up) on game plug relationships.
    Girls Games was the big thing going when I bowed out of Arcades...
    Good luck on your script quest. Going for one that is regularly updated with security and with sites running it with big PR is a good measure that the script is supported and worth your money long-term.

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    @nux I just found a good plugin for wordpress to convert wordpress blog into powerful arcade site.

    Please comment on it if you already try..


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    For the price, the pro version definitely looks like it has potential.

  4. wparcadeengine script as its just a wordpress plugin it s what i'm using too

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    Can you share some arcade script here if you dont mind.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Lloydi View Post
    Can you share some arcade script here if you dont mind.
    look up Lloyd. there are plenty of them, they don't cost a lot. some are even free.

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    My personal favorite is onArcade, with a close runner up of ArcadeTradeScript. AVArcade is great as well for quick sites you want to get up with low cost, as the script is available for free or $10 for the "pro" version.However the best scripts I've found so far are as follows.

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    Everything you require can be found in AV Arcade. There is even an active community behind it. At $20 bucks you cant go wrong with the price either. Well worth looking in to IMO.

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