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Thread: Suggest me best Arcade Script...

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    Suggest me best Arcade Script...


    Please suggest me best free or paid arcade script...

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    There's many options. Here's a quick run down and my personal thoughts.

    onArcade $67: this is my personal favorite. High scores, commenting system, user system, and overall clean code and setup.

    Arcadem Pro $20: I run this on a few sites. It's pretty good, nothing special though. Nice Ajax interface and pretty easy to install new games from sources like Mochi.

    AVArcade $10 or free: I run this on quite a few sites of mine. These are mostly sites I get a good domain and just set it up quickly. In the long run, I don't think I would run any high traffic/earning sites on this. less polished than others but still a good starting point.

    ArcadeTradeScript (ATS) $75: This is a good solid script. Good interface, and the greatest benefit is the trading system. These days a lot of arcades struggle getting traffic. Unless you have rock solid SEO and can get a good 5-10k visitors a day, a lot of people turn to traffic trading. You essentially pay for traffic, and trade it among sites. Buying 500 visitors with trading, in theory, can turn into 1000 or even 1500 visitors with trading. Easy to lose money with this as well though. I run this on a couple sites, it's not perfect, but solid. If you decide not to use trading the rest of the script is pretty good as well.

    Here's some samples I run:

    I guess I would recommend onArcade if you have no interest in trading (more quality site here IMO) and ATS if you want to trade (less return visits and more focused on income). Lots of people make lots of money trading and without. So up to you.

    I suggest you check out the forums: Talk Arcades if you're more interested. Huge amount of information there for arcade webmasters.
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    Thanks a lot nux,

    at present i need a small script which is under 20$ or unlimited domain license script.
    becaz at present i am not going to develop a fully arcade site, currently i am adding extra function to my establish entertainment site.
    so please suggest me any low price best script please...

    thanks again.
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    Avarcade is $10 for the paid version, or you can get an older version for free.

    AV Arcade Pro & Free arcade script is the site I think
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    What about arcadem pro agras media script...
    please suggest, just asking becaz one of my frnd suggest me that script.......
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    Arcadem isn't bad. Go check out the demo sites, demo backend, and choose one based simply on what you like better.
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    If you're doing a limited deployment of flash games on an existing site, you might not even need to do a script since you can pull the swf files and embed on your own for free from most sites. I used PHPAS before for an arcade and did that for a bud's site with a few of the games. I got out of the arcade business based on the ROI vs time investment I was seeing, but would do a limited deployment in the future (like you are discussing) if I had a site that it would help fill customer needs.

    A lot of folks associate flash games with malware though, so I would check your user-base to ensure this is not the case for you (ie the older the audience, the less apt they are to think the games aren't potential viruses).
    Best of luck,

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    I use Wordpress, is not very very fast but it is free and seo friendly.

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    nux please suggest me which is better according to you ... av or arcadem

    i check demo
    av script taking games from mochiads automatically which is good

    but in arcadem there are lot of functions... for advertisement and have some cool theme too
    easy to mana advertisment and selling banner spot with arcadem...

    so please suggest which is best to manage advertisement and user friendly.

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    One is $10 other is $20. Buy both and try em out. I can't say which is better as I'm not sure what needs you're trying to fill.

    But, I think arcadem can automatically add mochi games as well. Based on what you said with that feature it sounds like you prefer arcadem. I spose you should just go with that one.
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