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Thread: Unique content and earnings

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    Unique content and earnings

    Do you guys think it's worth all the effort to make a quality site with thousands of unique articles?
    It takes time, but does it pay off?

    A site like tech-faq...well that started before most other came, but if I would start it, it would be like over some days/weeks.. so hard to become good in Google...

    Or not?

    What do you guys think about this?

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    It all depends. If you want long term success vs. immediate income, I highly recommend doing what you suggested and start something of quality first. Many have created half hearted sites and got burned out, because the promotion part was too much work.
    If you have something that can carry itself once properly promoted, you have a sure winner and you can get to the point where building content and managing the site will be the main part of you work.
    If you are an expert at marketing and have a lot of sites, you can definitely focus on that as well. It really depends on where your strength lies and then I do suggest to put your best foot forward. Whichever one that foot might be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by firetown View Post
    If you want long term success vs. immediate income, I highly recommend doing what you suggested and start something of quality first.
    It's all summed up in here.
    Almost 2 years ago I decided I'd take the risk and stop thinking on 30 bucks here and there.

    Today I can't complain, and probably, 2 years from now I'll complain even less, so my answer is YES, you should work on quality content sites... afterall there aren't many around...

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    Alright, I will look into this
    And I won't make a new topic, but do people pay a lot for unique articles or not?


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    I still believe its the question of "What works for you".

    You don't really need a pure content powered site in order to succeed, you can even succeed with a proxy network, a database driven site or a concept driven site.

    You just need to be sure:

    1. Of what your promoting.
    2. How your going to promote it.
    3. How much time your going to wait for the results.

    Its always a waiting game, the folks who are patient win.

    I know this from my own personal experience

  6. Those are some great posts in this thread!

    I focus on two things:

    To succeed, whatever you do must add value to your customers. This can be done with content or with a script or with a service; really this can be done in an almost unlimited number of ways. The more value you add, the more "defensible" your market position will be. "Thin" sites that don't add much value have to fight constantly to keep their rankings.

    The second thing I focus on is my own interests. If I'm not interested in a topic, I have a really hard time forcing myself to work on it. A few months ago I bought a web site for $8,500 -- only to realize that I have very little interest in it. That's $8,500 down the drain.

    On a very pragmatic level, I like services for near-term revenue and web sites from a large-payoff perspective. Unless you're independently wealthy, you still have to pay the bills while you build your web empire.

    Regarding article pricing -- I think that two to three cents a word is pretty common, but I see as low as 1c/w and as high as 5c/w regularly. Occasionally I will see a much higher rate request, but I tend to ignore those.
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    Now that Google is indexing Flash, I'm wondering if it's worth moving to other forms of content to stand out, like interactive tutorials.

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    I would give it a try. Whatever gets people to watch will also get people to link. A little bit of text under each video should do well combined with incoming links. Also having nice keyword filled h tags.
    I have seen some of those rank pretty well with just that and a video.
    I am also a writer for Serpholic Media. You can find some of my articles here: Serpholic Media Blog

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