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Thread: Using Blogspot with domain?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    In addition, Google has been known to delete blogger blogs with no warning or recourse.
    Well, that's the killer argument in favour of choosing a WP install. Now I just have to figure out what Shenron is talking about with VPS, I still have no idea how these are managed, is it the same as shared/reseller hosting in terms of providing a control panel for adding domains and creating FTP accounts?

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    Yes, you have 1 VPS admin panel (probably WHM) where you manage the server, create accounts, etc. You'll then have 1 cpanel per account just like you have with your shared account.

    Check out wiredtree offer: (non-affiliate link)

    I have a server there (used to have a VPS) and I'm 100% happy. Remember that there might be some discount coupons. (10percentoff takes 10% off your monthly bill)

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    I started some catalog blog about videos on blogger
    and pointed one of my sites subdomains.
    I found that there is no problems with that.

    Since after only 20 days my blog came up on first page for therm given..

    Folk Metal Videos

    and normaly Folk Metal Videos keyword.

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    If you wanna host multiple sites, then for me the best kept secret (oops just let it out) is HostNine - Web Hosting - Reseller Hosting - Dedicated Servers - 877-251-HOST

    And on there you should go for the smallest reseller package.

    Its $19.95 a month and you can freely use their servers in 10 different locations(1 in UK, 1 in Singapore, 8 in USA - as far as I remember), whichs means access to 10 different C Class IPs at the time. They keep adding new servers when these fill up, so in reality over time you get many more different IPs to work with.

    They, according to themselves, are not operating a SEO hosting company, but I have not found a better deal for a hosting company with 10 different C CLasses yet

    The biggest SEO host: SEO Hosting - SEO Web Hosting with cPanel and Multiple Class C IP Addresses wants $67.50 / month for 10 IPs, and I am sure if it comes down to it, Google is smart enough to know what IPs they own and given the whole nature of their business SEO hosting is able to slam sites hosting there if they please

    So I am more than happy to stay under the radar with Web Host Nine

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