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Thread: W3C CSS and HTML Validators - Why link to them?

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    W3C CSS and HTML Validators - Why link to them?

    The title pretty much explains it all!

    Why do a lot of sites display links to, or buttons from, the W3C CSS and HTML Validators?
    Is there some sort of benefit from placing these on your site or are they just showing off their error-free design? Thanks!

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    I guess it's just for showing they're using an error-free design. You see these links mostly on paid/free templates though, the designers put them on it to show the buyers their template is 100% correct. Afterwards you can remove them (or atleast make them nofollow).

    |Nico Lawsons

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    The funny thing with many sites that display these is when you run them through a validation...they fail...
    I've always thought they were so late 1990's though...

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