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Thread: Want a better landing page?

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    Want a better landing page?

    When perusing marketing and optimization forums, one of the questions I see more often than not is "How do I build a good landing page?" The answer varies per niche and per person, but some principles work across the board. The folks over at landing Page Optimization have documented these principles in a recent blog post entitled: 30+ principles to a better landing page design.

    Suggestions vary from "Know your visitors" to "Remove distractions." The advice is sound, written clearly and concisely, and definitely worth a glance or two:

    30+ principles to a better landing page design | landing Page Optimization

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    Good info...thanks for the link. Might take me while to read it though

  3. I can't think of a better way to increase revenue more quickly than to optimize your landing pages.
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    The landing page may be more important than the site. With a good landing page you may not even need a website.

  5. great stuff there! Going through the items to see what else I can implement

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