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Thread: web base data entry script . . . . .

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    web base data entry script . . . . .

    is that possible we use PHP to create web base data entry script ??

    reason :
    i try and spend a lot of money + time to create custom auto submission script, but i fail
    so was thinking is that possible i create online base data entry script, so i hire some data entry team (freelancer, student), to do data entry job .......

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    I think that a problem may be specifying exactly what you want created. There is a famous tree swing cartoon that illustrates what can go wrong where the requirements are not detailed enough: tree swing pictures - tire swing, tire swing, rope swing cartoon pictures

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    i have some client who want to advertise their ad in different platform/website, so i try to create a generate auto submission script for them, but it seem like hard to do, due to different site have different structure n they also change from time to time .....
    for example submit to 10 site :
    1.client login on my site.
    2.keyin all site user and password.
    3.insert they ad (sale ad).
    4.Click submit and it automatically submit to ten site.

    But it seem like always having technical issue or something, thought i can do it in the other way round (manual + semi auto).
    first 4 step same.
    then data entry person will do the data entry job online

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