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Thread: what is the app you use to design your web site

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    there is alot web design software
    dream waver
    php edit
    front page
    what is the app you use it
    to me i use
    dream waver

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    Well to design a website, it depends on what we really want to create though basically we can almost finish everything by designing in photoshop and then coding in dreamweaver but sometimes extras are required. I myself use photoshop to design the layout and then hand-code it in notepad. I really don't like using dreamweaver as sometimes it just mess up the things. And as for frontpage I think now it's way too old to be used. But for beginners, they can get a grasp of the basic html knowldge and of how-things-works through Frontpage. And yeah, I don't say that dreamweaver is not a good option because when you want your work to be done in an adequate amount of time then it's best than all the other editors.
    On the other hand, you have included php-edit in your list? PHP-edit's main purpose is to edit php thus making it solely a php editor. So it just can't be put in the category of web-deisgning softwares since it just provides the interface to edit a particular coding language and not everything. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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    I use DreamWaver too...

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    Photoshop, then notepad or dreamweaver.

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    I use Photoshop to make the designs, Notepad ++ for the coding and VertrigoServ to test.

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    Hey eyes, just replied to say you thanks for the vertrigo. I never knew that such software existed. Actually I wanted to test my forum over my PC so I tried installing the windows default server but it didn't worked for me since its exe's got corrupted as I eventually lost my XP cd. But really thanks I never really searched for virtual environments though. So thanks to you for letting me know of such a great software. Hurray now my work will be alot more easier cuz of you.

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    no problem, it really helps dosent it?

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    yep. it do cuz if it didn't I'd never say thanx to you. lol.. I don't like saying thnx or sorry to anyone for noreason.

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