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Thread: What Niche for a new Amazon store site?

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    What Niche for a new Amazon store site?

    So, been racking my little brain cells to come up with a niche for my upcoming amazon store site.

    Any good to great to superb ideas?

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    make some thing about mobile applications, like - mobile games for rar or jad supported mobiles, media players for mobiles, mobile chatting software and so many other applications that are being searched over internet daily. you know last week I become tired some of finding a suitable chatting application for my mobile. at last I found it. and One important thing is that I did not find it from my desktop browser (i mean from my PC) rather I had to get it from my mobile browser using mobile. So please make something so that people can it over desktop.

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    Build a 3D store in HTML5 so it's like shopping at a Mall with animated characters and shopping cart etc. You need to give online shoppers a reason not to go directly to Amazon.

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