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Thread: what u guy think of custom CMS control wordpress ?

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    what u guy think of custom CMS control wordpress ?

    I run a property site with few thousand property agent, now i plan to upgrade my user to have their own subdomain page (keyword rich domain) or their own domain webpage.

    But problem is i don't have good coder support and lag of programming support, so i have two plan in my mind n would love to hear u guy opinion ?

    1. Run WPMS (multi site) with custom cms page for my user (they found wp dashboard a bit complicated).
    Advantages :
    free and plenty of plugin. (domain mapping)
    A lot php support.
    a lot theme of customize theme.
    easy for me to upgrade or change.
    Good SEO or plugin can make it better.

    I need custom CMS for my user. (yah another cms to control wordpress dashboard, it sound weird)
    Some function i request might need can't be done in wordpress but i can do it on add on cms.

    2. Complete new custom CMS.
    i can have everything according i want.

    Disadvantages :
    is not easier to change n add features (need coder and is hard to find new coder everytime i want to make change).
    costly (compare with wpms)

    what u guy think ?

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    I think that you should go with option 2 because you need a custom solution, your customers found your existing solution complicated, and with a custom CMS, it would be more efficient (server load, speed etc.), and the custom CMS should not need a new coder every time if you have a good relationship with your coder.

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    user don't have to access wp dashboard anymore, whatever they do, it done in custom CMS and pass db to wordpress dashboard

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