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Thread: What is unique content?

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    What is unique content?


    First of all, i would like to say that this is a great forum!
    Second, I want to ask you something.

    What is unique content? What does google see as unique content?

    Same sites say that you have 2 add synonyms. Some say you have to change same sentences and replace some words. Other say you have to run them through a online dictionary ...

    I know 1 thing: free articles do not exist. But wat is the easiest way to have a unique article?


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    Unique content is content that can be found no where else on the internet except for your site. There are two ways to create unique content:

    1) Doing it yourself

    2) Paying someone else to do it

    I always write my own articles. To me, being a webmaster is like being a writer, but that's to only way to get a head. Once a website becomes profitable it would make sense to pay for unique content in addition to your own work

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    Unique content is content you wrote with your own fingers using your brain. That's what you want on your site. If you submit your unique content to articles sites, like ezarticles or others, you content is not seen as unique anymore. Worse, G might assume that a "more important site" like ezarticle comparing to yours will make YOUR site content duplicate. Not good obviously...
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  4. In practice, "unique content is what says is unique content."

    In a perfect world, unique content would be "content that adds new value to the world." But utopianism is seldom a good business model.
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    For search engines - Pass through copyscape - no results found - this is unique content (and it can be a re-written copy of other source)

    For real people - They read and say oh.. this is something new.. I never read it anywhere before.. and attests the same.
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    Unique content is something you make of your own from your head
    You can either research about something online, and then write it on your own, or simply hire an article writer.
    After you do that, you can go and check your website at

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    Unique content i online industry means that your content should not match with any other contents over the internet. You also need to make sure that you have not copied contents from any book or magazine.

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    According to me the unique content is simply made by you...even if you are paying somebody else there may be a chance of copying...There is no other option i think.,,

  10. unique content is something that you wrote or made, and that you did not just copy from another site.

    Its a picture that you took and posted on your site, its your own original article that you wrote, its your own video that you filmed,,, and so on.

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