Can I ask for some advise for the best development tool I could use to develop the following? So my requirements are:

a) I have a number of system diagrams (mostly Visio based) that I want to provide browser based access and hyperlinks between them, based on key hotpoint areas in the diagrams, so in more detail:
b) browser based access to the diagrams via either being deployed on (i) USB key/filesystem, or (ii) via web-server (i.e. will need to use relative links)
c) want to be able to define areas on a diagram that will link to other diagrams (e.g. click on authentication box on a high level diagram and this will link to the detailed diagram for the authentication system)

What would be the best approach / development tool I could use to do this?

For example perhaps storing diagrams as images, then using a web tool (perhaps dreamweaver?) to draw simple areas on the image and put in your relative URL, and saving as web page? Although this would mean updates to diagrams would require this process to repeated each time the diagram was updated?