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Thread: Where to put country name [US,UK] on a domain? front or back?

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    Where to put country name [US,UK] on a domain? front or back?

    I am in confusion of taking a domain.

    domain in country targeted. so i want the domain to have the country short name in it.

    now where should i put the country short name? in front of domain name? or end of domain name? or may be middle of domain name?

    the domain is two words related to shopping.

    I have setup a Poll in top plz vote....

    plz suggest

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    According to the Google Keyword Tool, the following monthly phrase match searches are performed globally for each phrase:

    UK daily deals 210
    daily deals UK 480
    daily UK deals 0

    I think 'daily deals UK' is also the easiest to remember. The numbers aren't very large.

    You will only have a possible SEO advantage for exact match searches. According to Google, no one searches for 'daily UK deals'.
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  3. Hy,
    I also vote for "Daily Deals UK"
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    Second one is best according to me.

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    where should i put the country short name?
    That should be taken care of by the domain extension such as

    For the domain, you want search terms or your brand.

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    I like UK Daily Deals with UK in front of the domain for marketing purposes. However, there's usually an SEO advantage of using the geo term at the back of the domain.

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